Remote Learning

With privacy, sanitation and surface contacts becoming primary issues in an educational institute’s normal working, it has become extremely crucial for schools and colleges to enable themselves to accept the new normal. Remote Learning, gives you the flexibility of staying connected with your school community, and build collaborative lesson plans and assessments--all from the comfort of being in your homes. With the help of customised virtual chat rooms, educators and students can freely communicate. Each team/ group can create means that all conversations, files, and collaboration are automatically saved in one place. You and your students can access them anywhere.

Who is it suited for?

Formal Academic Setups
Schools K-12
Higher Education
Online Professional Development Classes *
Online Professional Development Classes *
Coaching Centres *

*Teams is available at a per user per month charge for such institutions

What problem does this solve?

Tech Support
Institutions can focus on content and academic delivery while the complexities of technology are taken care by our team
Setup Issues
There is need for a standard environment across an entire class so that less time is spent tackling environment specific issues.
Many Online learning solutions are not compliant to government and privacy requirements. Teams is compliant.
Time Consuming
It take a long time and lot of effort to implement remote learning in institutions. Including trainings we can get Teams running in 7 working days TAT.

What we offer?

Setup, configure and deploy Microsoft Teams for All users in the institution.
Effective Remote Learning
Configure Microsoft Team for effective remote learning environment.
Other Optional Advantages*
Enable Live Events and Broadcasts for institutions (optional Service)
Train IT team and Teachers on how to effectively run classes using Microsoft Teams and how to manage the setup.
Hand Holding
Hand Hold instructors during initial classes.

What are the requirements from Institution?

List of students and faculty along with class mapping
One Co-Ordinator for working with our team.
Aligning Teachers/Students/IT team for attending trainings.
₹ 25,000 Per school one time for setup and configuration.

*Maximum 250 students per class

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