Remote Computer labs

With physical institutional spaces having accessibility concerns, it’s crucial that alternates are thought off. INBIOT's unique Remote Computer Labs offering ensures learning never stops. We understand that in a technology driven world computer labs are extremely important to all the student. Therefore, we are providing a cloud based, completely managed online computer lab services for your students which works well in low bandwidth scenario, is standardized and controlled for a class environment, keeps your environment safe from vulnerabilities, is extremely affordable and is backed by 99.9% SLA Guarantee. Available on Windows, Linux and multiple configurations.

Who is it suited for?

Formal Academic Setups
Schools K-12
Higher Education
Online Learning Content Providers
Training Providers

What problem does this solve?

Lack of Isolated Learning Enviroment
There is a need for an independent and isolated learning environment for safety and security of one’s personal device.
Setup Issues
There is need for a standard environment across an entire class so that less time is spent tackling environment specific issues.
Current Pandamic Scenario
In the current pandemic using shared devices in not recommended also cleaning a shared device after every use can cause faster wear and tear to the equipment.
Time Consuming
Time and effort required in copying standard OS Images and distributing standard images to students as well as resetting systems to base configuration can be easily saved in a cloud lab environment.

What we offer?

Cloud Lab
A completely managed Cloud Lab available for subscription on per student basis.
This can be provided to any number of students for a predefined period of time and predefined number of hours. E.g. 10 hours lab time to be used within 1 month
Easy Scheduling
Labs can be scheduled as per a predefined timetable and can be restricted to be only available during the time table hours.
Cost optimizations and management optimizations done to make the service extremely affordable.
Feature Rich
Mechanism to easily share lab instructions and share back the lab results for evaluation as a native feature on Windows Labs.

What are the requirements from Institution?

Students' Email List
Provide a list of students for the lab by providing their email address which will be used for logging in
Provide the set of software to be used inside the labs
An Admin to test the setup before rolling out to students (Optional)
An instructor to test the setup before rolling out to students (Optional).
Time Table
Time table if any.

*Maximum 50 students per class

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